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Turn-key meat distribution worldwide

AP Complex is one of the major distributors of frozen chicken meat, pre-cooked products and sausages in Central Asia, and is actively developing its activity in Africa and the EU countries.

Founded in 2011, AP Complex is a diversified distribution group with a strong corporate culture. Its businesses focus on three main activity sectors:

  • Distribution of chicken products on the global level
  • Logistics, that guarantees the delivery of the portfolio goods to any destination, and retail.

Due to this well-thought combination of services, the Group is one of a few in the sector who ensures a turn-key meat distribution worldwide. We developed and successfully implemented our own unique and effective trading system in the countries the Company is operative. Each regional team is scrupulously built up and trained in order to have a unique understanding of tendencies and working conditions on the chosen market and, thus, to control effectively the sales and prices, be more competitive and grow on permanent basis.

AP Complex pays an exclusive attention to the quality control during all production stages. All our products are ISO 9001:2008 + FSSC 22000:2013, HACCP, HALAL

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