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Château Galicia
Goose gourmets and foie gras

Snyatynska Nova Poultry Farm, located in Western Ukraine is the only Ukrainian producer of foie gras and goose meat delicacies.
Snyatynska Nova Poultry Farm was founded in 2002. After complete modernization and reorganization, the enterprise joined MHP in 2006. Automation, mechanization and industrial process management systems have been implemented at the poultry farm at almost every production stage. Special equipment recommended by Hungarian and French experts has been installed; a French technique for fatty goose liver production has been implemented.

In 2008, the procedure of the enterprise’s products preparation for export to the European Union countries started. In 2010, SGS, an international company, assessed and certified Snyatynska Nova Poultry Farm: in the production process, the enterprise follows strict quality controls that meet international ISO 9001:2008 (quality management system) and ISO 22000:2005 (food safety management system) standards.
In July 2013, Snyatynska Nova Poultry Farm obtained a European number and in early December same year the first EU shipments took place.

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