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Trans Complex is an advanced and reliable logistic company specializing in ground and sea shipment of all kind of goods in Ukraine, the CIS and Baltic countries, and fostering its development on the African continent.

Founded in 2014, within a few years Trans Complex managed to unite highly experienced and skillful professionals who know the tendencies and market specifics of national and international shipment procedures and processes, who master the particularities of the law system and regulations of Ukraine and other partner countries. Our team-members are always with “let’s-make-it-possible” attitude and out-of-the-box thinking, eager to propose you innovative logistic schemes and solutions for each type of products to be shipped.

Based on the desire to serve at our best the clients we have already or would like to attract, we have developed a full range of services that include:

  • Provision of rolling stock;
  • Traffic road-mapping with precision of border stations between the countries;
  • Shipping program and shipping schedule construction and optimization based on requirements of rail administrations and consignees;
  • Tariff rate online calculation;
  • Facilitated procedures for fares payment;
  • Real-time product traceability and detailed information for cargo owners at all transportation stages;
  • Assistance in preparation of freight-related documents and authorizations;
  • Consulting on transportation specifics for goods of all nature.

Having a strong corporate culture and spirit, we also value clients who appreciate:

  • Diversified transportation support and management services;
  • Diligence of contractual obligations in terms of timeframes, work scopes and other delivery conditions;
  • Real-time product shipment traceability;
  • Fast regulation of customs procedures and quality assistance in document compiling;
  • Reasonable prices for cargo transportation services and optimized schedules.

Trans Complex is a trust-worthy partner paying an exclusive attention to its customer’s needs and requirements, no matter how complex your project is or budget you have. We strive to show the best results, because the enduring and long-lasting cooperation with our client it’s what count most for us!


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