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AP COMPLEX is a diversified distribution group, which is aimed at export markets with long-term growth potential, which allows the company to generate a constant cash flow, developing in international markets and contributing to the national economy.

Turn-key meat distribution worldwide

Being a recognized leader in the meat distributionbturnkey, in the international markets on the basis of mutual interest for us, our partners and our customers, having a clear vision of the company's strategic development. We aim to add value to their products and services in each area, through continuous improvement and innovation while remaining competitive. One of the priorities of the Group is expanding in international markets, especially in Europe, Central Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Objective point
We aim to provide profits to our investors, and create conditions for dynamic growth and development of employees, business partners and society in the countries where we operate. In all that we do, we are guided by the principle of 5P:

  • Product - ensuring continuous access to high-quality products throughout the year, throughout the world; export expansion only of the products which we can be proud of.
  • Personnel - to create a working environment where employees strive for excellence, to the maximum potential, improving their skills in proportion to the growth of the company, and increasing their profits;
  • Partners - caring attitude toward strong, long-term business relationships that are based on honesty and trust.
  • Publicity - to be responsible in relation to the social environment, and to contribute to changing the world for
  • the better.
  • Profit - maximize profits, increasing long-term assets of the company, ensuring stable dividends to the participants.

Values and philosophy

  • Leadership - nothing is impossible. It all depends on us, but we are responsible for the success. In the construction and development of business opportunities, we believe, not restrictions.
  • Responsibility - continuously improve all areas: social, economic, ecology - to ensure that the next day was better today.
  • Employees - be loyal to the company's heart and intellect with full dedication.
  • Development - we constantly strive to be better in all aspects of our business. We develop relationships with clients in order to achieve more results.
  • Purpose - We do not work for the sake of the process and to achieve specific goals aimed at the development of our company and our clients. The goal - determines the outcome.

Corporate culture
Corporate culture contains certain values, programs and traditions that we support and multiply. Our staff is confident in the future because of a great opportunity for development. Every employee is a source of innovation and global change. Therefore, the company gives the maximum freedom in the design and implementation of new ideas and projects. And the staff are always ready to take responsibility for decisions.

Full commitment and devotion to the common cause - guarantee of a successful career for each employee and growth for the company.

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