About company

AP COMPLEX is one of the largest manufacturers and developers of industrial chemicals in Ukraine.


is more than 200 original product recipes, integrated production and qualified staff ready for any modern challenges and tasks.

Since 2015, our company has offered solutions for the oil and gas and chemical industries in the selection, development and supply of a wide range of high-quality industrial chemicals for various fields of import production.

Every year, the experience and professionalism of the company’s specialists grew and improved, as did the company’s ambitions, among which: the creation of its own production on the territory of Ukraine.

Despite the start of a full-scale war, in 2022 our company invested in the construction of its own modern production complex capable of meeting the needs of the gas and oil industry of Ukraine.

And already by the middle of 2023 AP COMPLEX has become the first Ukrainian manufacturer-exporter of surfactants for oil and gas production to EU countries.

In the future, the company’s goal is to win the favor of customers in Europe and Central Asia.

Production capacities

The production complex with a total area of more than 1,000 m² is located in the Poltava region.

Thanks to modern technologies and avant-garde industrial solutions, it is here that from 2022 the production of the entire range of its own products is carried out, as well as new recipes are developed and tested.

The production complex includes:

  • a line for the production of surfactants,
  • inhibitor production line,
  • demulsifier production line,
  • warehouse complex,
  • drain-fill installations for rail and road transport,
  • zone for laboratory tests.
Capacity of each line: 500 t/year

The company actively invests in the development and modernization of the material and technical base, constantly expands the product line and the range of services, offering products and services of European quality.

Development prospects

Surfactant synthesis line.
First stage

Design and construction of surfactant synthesis line with production capacity up to 5000 t/year

Surfactant synthesis line.
Second stage

Introduction of chemical synthesis processes based on the reaction of nitration, sulfation and alkylation of primary components to reach a full closed production cycle

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