Inhibitors, inhibitors-modifiers and solvents of ARPSs series «Unicor-6»

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  • to prevent asphaltene and paraffin deposits in oilfield equipment and pipelines during oil production and transportation
  • to combat existing deposits
  • for modification of solvents pf paraffin
  • have hydrogen sulfide corrosion inhibitor properties
  • improve rheological properties of paraffinic hydrocarbons and ensure proper condition of commercial hydrocarbons


  • form a protective film on the walls of the equipment that prevents deposits
  • and/or act as depressors and solvents of resinous and paraffin components of well products


  • closed cycle systems at oil and gas production and processing facilities (oil and gas installations, production wells, pipelines, transportation systems, liquid hydrocarbon storage systems, etc.

Composition of the products of the line

Name of the inhibitor  Composition 
Inhibitors Unicor-6.01 and 6.02  Composition of nonionic surfactants in aliphatic alcohols and aromatic solvents 
Inhibitors Unicor-6.03 and 6.04  Composite mixture of surfactants and polymers in solvents that have depressant properties 
Inhibitors Unicorр-6.05 and 6.06  Composite mixture of surfactants, organic compounds of the alkene series and fatty acids in solvents, have properties of depressor   
Inhibitors -modifiers Unicor-6.07 and 6.08  Solutions of mixtures of organic and nonionic surfactants in organic solvents. Concentrated form of active base used to improve the efficiency of base solvents of ARPSs involved in oil and gas production processes 
Solvents of ARPSs Unicor-6.09..6.11  Solution of aromatic hydrocarbons in combination with synthetic surfactants 

Characteristics of the line of products

Indicator Name of products Control method
Inhibitors of ARPSs Unicor-6.01-6.06  Inhibitors-modifiers of ARPSs Unicor-6.07-6.08  Solvents of ARPSs Unicor-6.09-6.11 
Appearance Liquid from transparent to light brown color Liquid from transparent to yellow color according  to item 6.2 
Density, g/сm3 0,800-0,960 0,810-0,920  item 6.5 
Kinematic viscosity at (20±1)˚С, сСт  8,0-32,0 8,0-25,0  item 6.7 
рН, not lower than 5,0 item 6.3 
Freezing point, ˚C, not higher – 25 – 20 item 6.6 
Protective effect*, %, not less than 80 Not regulated item 6.4 

* The efficiency test was carried out with a deviation from thestandard, in order to obtain stricter conditions, the gas-condensate medium in the flasks was heated to +22 ˚С, the rods were cooled to a temperature of (minus) -3˚С. That is, the standard temperature difference was 25 degrees, and not 10, as described in the “COLDFINGER” method (gas condensate – 5 ˚С above the solidification temperature, and rods – 5 ˚С below the solidification temperature).

The total inhibitor consumption per ton of paraffinized condensate does not exceed 300-1000ppm.

Solubility of the products of the line

Solvent Name of the inhibitor
Unicor-6.01  Unicor -6.02  Unicor-6.03  Unicor-6.04  Unicor-6.05 
Diesel  dispersion  yes  yes  yes  yes 
Methanol  yes  yes  yes  no  yes 
Solvent  no  yes  yes  yes  emulsion 

Aromatic class hydrocarbons are used as paraffin solvents. The optimal proportion of solvent for dissolving paraffin is 1:5 without adding an inhibitor.

To ensure economy of solvents of the aromatic series, it is proposed to use a 0.5-1.0% solution of modifiers in aromatic hydrocarbons, which allows to reduce the solvent consumption by more than 2.5 times, reduce the reaction time of dissolving paraffins, and consequently the time for the unit operation

All products are manufactured in accordance with the approved specifications, meeting all quality and efficiency requirements, and are sold only after careful analysis of the quality of both raw materials and finished products.

Each manufactured batch is accompanied by original quality passports.

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