Foam formers series «Unikor-10»

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  • for carrying out activities and works on complete cleaning and restoration of filtration properties of the near-bottom zone of the formation due to foaming of highly mineralized water-gas-condensate mixtures
  • for the processes of construction, operation and repair of wells, extraction and transportation of oil and gas
  • as components of process fluids and special mixtures in oil production


  • a micellar layer is formed on the surface of liquid molecules, which allows to improve the rheological properties of formation liquids, reduce the interfacial surface tension and improve their removal to the surface


  • closed cycle systems at oil and gas production and processing facilities (oil and gas installations, production wells, pipelines, transportation systems, etc.).

Characteristics of the line of products

Name of the product  Composition  Active base, %  Solubility Working concentration, %
hydro-carbons  aromatic hydro-carbons  alcohols  water 
Unicor-10 А100  Mixture of target, stabilizing and strengthening surfactants with thickeners and hardeners  30-50  –  –  0,1-0,5 
Unicor -10 А200  Solution of a mixture of target, stabilizing and strengthening surfactants in solvents  40-50  –  –  0,025-0,2 
Unicor-10 А300  Solution of a mixture of target, stabilizing and strengthening surfactants in solvents  10-30  –  –  0,1-0,3 
Unicor-10 K200  Solution of a mixture of target, stabilizing and strengthening organic surfactants in organic solvents  40-50  –  0,2-1,0 

Indicators of the value of surface tension when using products of the line

С, % The studied surfactant,, σ·10-3, N/m
Unicor-10 А100  Unicor -10 А200  Unicor -10 А300  Unicor -10 К200 
Medium – water Medium – gas condensate
71,8  71,8  71,8  71,8 
0,025  –  28,31  –   
0,05  –  27,3  –   
0,1  26,8  26,4  28,22  – 
0,2  26,8  26,3  27,4  27,21 
0,3  26,24  26,08  26,3  26,11 
0,5  26,8  –  26,28  26,07 
26,24  –  26,14  26,04 

Test of emulsifying properties in the «Water-Hydrocarbons» system

С, 1,0% Name of the product
Unicor-10 А100  Unicor -10 А200  Unicor -10 А300  Unicor -10 К200 
Separation time, min, no more than  20  10  30 
The nature of phase separation  full  full  full  full 

This series is presented in the form of surfactants of different nature (organic and inorganic) and different molecular mechanism products (ionic and non-ionic).

Technological types of surfactants were used in the production of these products in various combinations. The recipes of the obtained reagents are a commercial secret and are the intellectual property of the manufacturing company.

The amount of active basis in the construction of the technical and economic model of the use of surfactants can be changed and balanced according to the wishes of the Customer.

All products are manufactured in accordance with the approved specifications, meeting all quality and efficiency requirements, and are sold only after careful analysis of the quality of both raw materials and finished products.

Each manufactured batch is accompanied by original quality passports.

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