First export of products of own production

August 22, 20230

August is the last summer month, which will remind you that the warm period is ending, and the rainy autumn coolness will soon come…

But for us, August is a new stage, a new step in the company’s development, as we made the first export shipment of a 40-ton batch of our own production.

Foam formers series UNIKOR-10 are the most popular product among similar products on the Ukrainian market, have excellent performance indicators and an ideal price policy.

The entire team worked with maximum dedication and perseverance in completing this order.

100% inspection of the quality of raw materials, step-by-step control at the production stage, laboratory studies of the quality of finished products and verification of efficiency indicators – everything to make sure that the European client will receive high-quality Ukrainian-made products.

Cars – loaded, goods – under customs control. And we wish the drivers a good trip!

Well, we are confidently moving forward. Yes, we currently have a lot of work to do in order to turn potential customers into real ones.


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