Big construction

December 1, 20230

This year became a test for the whole country. This year hardened us every day.
We, in turn, did, are doing and will do everything for Victory.

New production complex. The area is more than 1,000 sq.m. Dozens of containers, tons of metal and hundreds of meters of pipelines, pumps, hoses, automation, electricity… Work at its maximum, from morning to evening… It’s all there, it’s all been done and done.

Currently, small finishing works and improvements. The equipment has already been tested, the equipment is already working.

The first batch of industrial chemistry of OWN production is ready. And this is SUCCESS!

How was it? See more…

So let’s continue to work for the good of the economy. After all, a strong economy is the key to the Victory of Ukraine!

«Made.UA- Let’s-make-it-possible».

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