Protection of interests of the manufacturer

February 9, 20240

On February 8, 2024, at 11:00 a.m. in the Club of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, a meeting of Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine Nadia Bigun with representatives of Naftogaz and domestic product suppliers took place in the format of an open discussion.

The purpose of the meeting was to support and maximize the involvement of Ukrainian manufacturers in providing the needs of state-owned enterprises with domestically produced goods.

“We aim to provide the domestic demand with the products of our own production as much as possible. This is necessary both for the economy and for the security of the country. If Ukraine has the ability to meet defense needs at its own expense, we will be calmer for our “tomorrow”. Our task is to ensure that there is money for this in the budget. Therefore, it is necessary to develop the production of products with added value as much as possible. And the first thing we can do is to see what we buy from the state budget and where we can meet our needs through our own production. State procurement should take place taking into account national interests,” said Nadiya Bigun at the beginning of the meeting.

The participants of the meeting discussed issues relevant to manufacturers in the field of public procurement, in particular, regarding the stimulation of state-owned enterprises in the procurement of domestically produced goods by adding to the basic KPI indicators of the heads of state-owned enterprises, the indicators of the procurement of domestically produced goods.

Other important issues were considered, including the impact of exchange rate fluctuations on the cost of products, the responsibility and obligations of each party during the execution of contracts, and the reservation of employees, etc.

“A part of raised issues are already being worked out by the Ministry of Economy, the results will be reflected in the relevant decisions. In particular, in the new version of the law on procurement, which is being prepared by the Ministry. Other proposals are taken into account and will be worked out with the involvement of stakeholders,” said Nadiya Bigun.

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